Below we present some interesting, notable web portals devoted to business:

1.Puls of Business is one of the leading portals of business/ finance. Navigating through it is very convenient, the user is faced with a number of categories, including trading, company, conferences and many others. What is important- currently there are business information from all around the world. Therefore, it is a portal for those looking for the latest and reliable information.

2.Mentora is another well- known portal, where users will find interesting and practical information for doing business. This is very informative portal (also in terms of marketing), full of tips that can help young entrepreneurs in running a business.

3.LadyBusiness is a portal designed for women and designed primarily for women of success. Women could also be a good bosses. On the website you can find information not only business but also those related to culture, upcoming events or good, business style and more. In contrast to other typical business portals, it is not flooded with many information from the world, which for some users is a big plus. It is definitely worth to look there.