We present some guides which are particularly very popular:

1. ‘The Team-Building Tool Kit: Tips and Tactics for Effective Workplace Teams’ Deborah Mackin- people are the future of business and in their greatest strength they hope for success. Without a good team it is impossible to make great things. That is why team building is so important, so popular and required. This guide is dedicated primarily to the leaders, who do not fully know how to resolve conflicts in a group and how to improve the performance of the team. Do you have such problems? It is therefore mandatory literature also for you.

2. ‘It’s a Deal: A Practical Negotiation Handbook’ John Murphy, Russill Richard Steele Paul- a very good book, which is recommended for anyone who works with people. Why? Now, negotiations between people take place every day. Such negotiation might be associated with more and less important issues. The most important thing is our attitude. With this book you will learn a variety of negotiation techniques, methods, activities, appropriate posture and you will learn how to negotiate … by the phone!

3. ‘Communication strategy’ Jones Phil– a book dedicated to the communication and building communication strategy with its implementation. Each of the team members must know what kind of activities to carry out, what is the objective and the strategy of the company. Understanding the strategy is essential and this item will be helpful for all those who have problems with communication with employees about what is the most important in the company.